12d for Surveyors

One integrated data agnostic solution designed to effortlessly improve field to office workflows

12d seamlessly collects accurate survey data and enables collaboration across teams for construction projects of all sizes. It connects the office directly to the field, allowing surveyors to access design data and work efficiently from anywhere.

Your all-in-one surveying & collaboration platform

12d Field

12d Field enables seamless surveying workflows by connecting with GNSS and Total Station hardware for accurate data collection, directly integrating with project models, and providing real-time quality reporting to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

12d Synergy

12d Synergy is the leading 19650 compliant Common Data Environment, allowing all your project stakeholders to access the information they need when they need it.

Designed and developed by Surveyors for Surveyors

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Seamless integration and compatibility

Easily integrate various tablets, surveying instruments and data formats, providing versatility and bringing the office directly to the field to improve efficiency and collaboration across all aspects of the project.
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Effortlessly Manage Data of Any Size

Whether you’re dealing with large or small survey data from one or many surveyors, 12d effortlessly scales to accommodate data of any size or a multitude of data sources, ensuring smooth performance, efficient processing, and the elimination of the risk of data loss.
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Measure in Confidence

Ditch cumbersome tools and manual processes for our user-friendly interface and customisable forms, allowing you to collect large amounts of geospatial data accurately and efficiently, even in challenging conditions.
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Single Source of Truth

12d Synergy is a true open-source Common Data Environment to manage, store and categorise all project data in in a single, organised location accessible to all project team members when they need it.

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Reduce Downstream Delays

Allow all stakeholders to visualise the project at the constructible level of detail. This will keep everyone on the same page with updates in real time, minimise the need for RFIs, and mitigate rework.

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Quality Assurance Process (QA)

Implement 12d Synergy’s QA process, which features seamless collaboration, version control, audit trails, and automated workflows, to overcome data discrepancies that lead to errors and delays.


Effortlessly Capture Utilities On-site

Trouble identifying and modelling utilities? In 12d, streamline your experience with advanced algorithms and real-time processing to save time and money and achieve greater accuracy.

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Instant Conflict Capture & Design Updates

Encounter an unmapped utility or unexpected clash? Facing a complex infrastructure upgrade or setout? Capture conflicts on-site instantly, submit for redesign and receive real-time adjustments.

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Data Driven Decisions

Avoid design flaws and enhance decision-making by unlocking advanced analysis and visualisation capabilities. Transform survey data into insightful 3D visualisations, perform geospatial analysis, and generate detailed reports.
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Custom Macros

Time is money in the construction industry. By optimising workflows through macro automation, businesses can realise substantial cost savings by minimising labour costs and accelerating project timelines.
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Dynamic Views and Direct Model Sharing

Collaboration has never been easier. With 12d’s direct model-sharing feature, you can seamlessly live share models from other 12d projects, enabling efficient cross-discipline collaboration. Data can then be visualized in nearly unlimited dynamic views, allowing you to see real-time data in Plan, Sectional, and Perspective (3D) views.
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Field to Finish Capabilities

Connect stakeholders, surveyors, designers, and construction teams using workflows, and manage project data in one connected data environment to drive success throughout the project lifecycle.

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Responsive Support

Our dedicated support team is here to assist you every step of the way, providing timely assistance and resources to ensure a smooth experience.

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